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Channel modes can be set and unset using /mode command. To set a mode, use eg.:

/mode #channel +b x3nU!*@*

To unset a mode, use eg.:

/mode #channel -b x3nU!*@*

To set and unset multiple modes at a time, you can use it like this:

/mode #channel +nt-b+b x3nU!*@* *!xenu@*

Note, that x3nU!*@* and *!xenu@* are parameters to -b and +b respectively, because +n and +t don't need a parameter.


[edit] Priviledge modes

Tip: to get access to higher modes than +o, you may consider registering your channel.

Mode usage Short name Description
+Y [nick] IRC Operator on network business (!)
+q [nick] Channel owner (~) Ability to do everything possible on channel.
+a [nick] Channel admin (&) +o + ability to set some modes
+o [nick] Channel operator (@) +h + ability to kick people with +o or lower, ability to set some modes
+h [nick] Half-operator (%) +v + ability to kick people with +v or lower, ability to set some modes
+v [nick] Voice (+) Ability to talk while banned or +m (moderated channel) is set
+V [nick] Half-voice (-) Nothing, marks people on channel

[edit] Key modes

Tip: you need to unset key modes using /mode #channel -k password

Mode usage Short name Description
+k [password] Channel password People need to join channel using /join #channelname password

[edit] List modes


  • Every time [mask] is used, it's possible to use extended masks.
  • You can use list modes as /mode #channel +b (without parameter) to list all current entries.
  • You can unset a list mode using eg. /mode #channel -b *!xenu@*.
Mode usage Short name Description
+b [mask] Ban Forbids matching people joining channel, talking, changing nicknames, etc.
+e [mask] Ban exception Nullifies bans for matching people
+I [mask] Invite exception Allows users matching [mask] to join +i (invite-only) channels without getting invited
+g [glob] Censor Forbids sending matching messages (eg. +g *fuck*)
+w [m]:[mask] Auto-op Gives [m] priviledge mode for people matching [mask] (eg. +w o:*!chax@*)
+X [m]:[perm] Custom permissions Allows setting custom permissions for priviledge mode ([m]). Read more
+Z [mode name] Long mode names (properties) Allows use of long mode names

[edit] Modes with parameters

Tip: you need to unset modes with parameters using eg. /mode #channel -l (that is, without a parameter).

Mode usage Short name Description
+l [num] Limit Forbids new users from joining a channel when there are more than or [num] people already on channel
+L [channel] Limit with redirect When +l (limit) is set, instead of forbidding users from joining it redirects them to [channel]
+d [sec] Delay messages Disallows users from talking unless they are on channel for at least [sec] seconds
+J [sec] Delay join after kick Delays a person from joining for [sec] seconds after kick
+H [num]:[sec] Channel history Shows [num] (max 50) lines of conversation taking place maximum [sec] seconds before when joining channel.
+f [num]:[sec] Flood control Kicks (or bans, if * is prepended before [num]) people exceeding [num] messages having been sent in [sec] seconds timespan.
+F [num]:[sec] Nickname flood control Allows maximum [num] nickchanges in [sec] seconds timespan. When exceeded, the channel is locked for 60 seconds from changing nicknames
+j [num]:[sec] Join flood control Same as above, but controls joins

[edit] No-parameter modes

Mode usage Short name Description
+m Moderated channel Forbids people without a +v or higher priviledge mode from talking
+p Private channel Marks channel as private (doesn't show in /list)
+s Secret channel Marks channel as secret (doesn't show in /list and /whois)
+i Invite-only channel People must be /invite'd by channel staff to join the channel
+A Everybody can invite Everybody can /invite people to channel.
+K No knocking People are forbidden from using /knock
+n No external messages Set by default. Forbids people outside channel from sending messages
+t Topic lock Set by default. Allows setting topic only for people with +h or higher
+r Registered channel Marks channel as registered. Can be set/unset only by services
+R Only registered nicknames (joining) Disallows people with unregistered nicknames from joining.
+M Only registered nicknames (messages) Disallows people with unregistered nicknames from messaging.
+z SSL-only channel Only people connecting securely (SSL) can join a channel
+u Auditorium People see only themselves on nickname list. Joins, parts etc. are hidden
+c Block colors Forbids people from using color codes
+S Strip colors Strips color codes from messages
+B Block caps Forbids people writing in all-uppercase
+G Network censorship Filters badwords (currently English and Polish)
+C No channel CTCPs Blocks use of channel CTCPs
+T No channel notices Blocks use of channel notices
+Q No kicks Blocks use of kicks
+N No nickchanges Blocks nickname changes
+D Delay joins People are being joined only when they send their first message.
+P Permanent channel Marks channel as permanent. Can be set only by IRC Operators.
+O Oper-only channel The channel can be joined only by IRC Operators.
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