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[edit] pkNET

The first network, which we can say, was made by part of current 6IRCNet staff, was pkNET. It was just an experimental network made by and for Polish people running UnrealIRCd and Anope IRC Services, run on home computers of the staff, most of them not having even 60% uptime. We were young at the time, and it was a great way for us to get some experience in running IRC Networks.

[edit] RPGNET

pkNET staff once had an argument and part of the network split out for a time. This was a motor to do something more professional and stable. It was the time when the network had got a first ~99.9% uptime dedicated server. Both split parts took name RPGNET and made a commitment to link only the stable servers. The network was short-lived, because of the disk failure of czaks' server, which happened soon.

[edit] zDnet

zdebel, annoyed by the long absence of the network, created his own server, zDnet. This was the first time the network-people reintegrated and decided on a common network name - that is 6IRCNet.

[edit] HPAVC

The HPAVC Network re-joined the network after new infrastructure was added to the groups pool of resources.

Originally run out of the United States, the HPAVC Network moved IRC operations back to Australian soil for the 6IRCNet Network.

The HPAVC Network is the Parent group for Ausphrek.com[1] - A telephone phreaking and security discussion forum.

The HPAVC IRCD is run by Weedle in conjunction with 6IRCNet

[edit] halcon.tv


[edit] 6IRCNet on InspIRCd 1.2

6IRCNet has been created on an experimental (at the time) IRCd. The network could be called international for the first time. Unfortunately, the non-Polish part, HoSHiNET, being directed by usotsuki, split very soon. They decided on using Unreal rather than InspIRCd, preventing possible link in the future. The 6IRCNet developed on it's own rights.

6IRCNet staff talked with irc.desudesudesudesu.co.cc about linking, and they were keen to do so. We've discovered a thing called Janus, but it prove very unstable, so irc.desudesudesudesu.co.cc moved to InspIRCd. Afterwards, we've got into touch with #auschan people over at Rizon, who have joined 6IRCNet, providing us all with Australian servers.

After fixing Janus and talks with zdebel, who proposed talking with usotsuki, the network was connected again as a hybrid: 6IRCNet, irc.desudesudesu.co.cc, HoSHiNET and #auschan part. Unfortunately, due to disagreements at the network name level, IRCd engine and problems with Janus, the HoSHiNET, this time with irc.desudesudesudesu.co.cc, split again.

bush and Dav3 have extended the Australian part of the network, by linking hpavc and halcon.tv networks.

[edit] 6IRCNet 2.0

With upgrading to InspIRCd 2.0, the network has been restructured, so it has been dubbed 6IRCNet 2.0.

After the first DDoS attack, which paralyzed the whole network for a moment, czaks made an effort to make the network independent of its (at the time) main server. The new website has been created.

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