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Registering a channel has lots of benefits. Most notably, you can be sure you won't lose your channel ever. On the networks without services (like IRCNet or EFNet) you have to have bots, which sometimes may be expensive and hard to set up. We provide Anope 1.8 services.


[edit] Preparations

This section is extended in article Registering and protecting nicknames.

Connect to the network using any client or webchat. If you haven't registered your nickname (see also NickServ), you can do so now using the command:

/msg NickServ REGISTER password

Now, everytime you connect to the network, you need to identify in order to get the access rights on channels you own. That's command:

/msg NickServ IDENTIFY password

If it's too long for you, some clients (webchat, mIRC, XChat, Konversation, etc.) also allow a shorthand, namely:

/id password

Also, you can type your password in a password field in the server parameters to get authenticated automatically.

[edit] Channel work

Now, when you have your nickname registered, join an empty channel using command:

/join #channel

Remember that you can register a channel only if you have an operator (@) status on it and it hasn't been already registered. When you are ready, you should type:

/msg ChanServ REGISTER #channel password description


  • #channel is your channel name
  • password is not really important - it is being used to share your founder (owner) status with other people but needs further setup. Remember that you don't need to know it at all - if you choose to use it, you can change it anytime (/msg ChanServ SET #channel PASSWORD new_password)
  • description is a short description of a channel. This part can contain spaces. It is being displayed when someone types /msg ChanServ info #channel. Again, you can change it anytime (/msg ChanServ SET #channel DESC new description).

That's all. You now own a channel.

[edit] Webchat

If you want to set up a webchat on your website, visit, click a Q icon in the upper-left corner and select Add webchat to your site.

[edit] Problems

If you have any problems, please don't hestitate to /join #6ircnet.

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