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We're glad to run purely free software for our network. 6IRCNet operators would like to thank all the contributors of those great pieces of software - without you our network wouldn't exist.


[edit] IRCd

We use InspIRCd 2.0 on all servers in the network. We believe that it's the most advanced and featured IRCd being at the same time very stable.

[edit] Services

6IRCNet uses somewhat modified Anope 1.8. It's stable and familiar for our users.

[edit] Webchat

Our webchat is qwebirc. For balancing, we've made bestmirror.

[edit] Synchronizing and development

We've chosen git for synchronizing our configs and developing new software for the network - thankfully, all projects we depend on use it, so it's easier for us to develop patches.

[edit] Website

We use MediaWiki - see Special:Version.

[edit] System software

Our servers run GNU/Linux and FreeBSD.

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