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What is 6IRCNet?

How to connect?

We are an international Internet Relay Chat (IRC) network with servers all over the world in order to make your pings as low as possible. Primarily founded by Australian and Polish users, we strive to provide professional services to us all. Aside from that, we are running and developing the latest technologies that, over time, have proven to be rock stable.

You can get help in the Manuals and FAQs section of the wiki.

We are open to linking and hosting new communities without interruptions.


  • Our core philosophies - Privacy, Freedom, Low latency, Accessibility, Stability, Professionalism and Openness

You don't have to install anything - we provide webchat, that is, a chat in your webbrowser.

Type in a channel name to join. You can also create(more on it) your own channels the same way - just pick a name and see if it isn't taken yet.

- #vichan59users - #chat14 - #uzywki9 - #6ircnet8 -
- #vichan-soc7 - #losowo2 - #vichan-mine0 - #ogameelita1 -

If you use a regular IRC client, choose a geographically closest IRC server pool:

European server pool
North American server pool
Australian server pool
All-server pool (IPv4+IPv6)
TOR Hidden Service skyloftkiad54y2h.onion

We listen on ports 6667 and 6668 without SSL and on 6697 and 9999 with SSL.

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