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6IRCNet is a fairly established network with a team of experienced IRC operators. This page describes what you can expect from us.


[edit] Privacy

We think that privacy is the main priviledge of our users. That means, we (IRC Operators) never eavesdrop (nor we have ability to) or join private channels or conversations. For our users, we provide high level of privacy:

  • All servers in the network are using a military-grade cipher when linking with one another, so nobody can get your conversation from a flow of packets between our services
  • We provide and highly encourage you to use SSL services, that like above, allow you to protect your conversation from outside.
  • For our webusers, we also provide SSL webchats, you can find links on the servers page.
  • That means, if you connect using SSL (no matter if webchat or not) and chat with another person, or a group of people, where everyone is using encrypted connection, you can be sure no one from outside can see your conversation (unless it leaks someway ;)
  • Your IP address is by default masked. People can see part of your hostname, eg. instead of they see The mask is constant for any hostname, but it can't lead anybody to a real address.

[edit] Freedom

You can do on your channel whatever you want, provided that it doesn't make problems for the network (that includes illegal things like botnets) or the users.

  • Your channel is your channel. If you don't give us (the IRC Operators) the power, we never abuse our rights (kicking/banning people etc.)
  • You make rules on your channel. And you can enforce them.
  • Being an asshole on one channel doesn't directly make somebody an asshole on the whole network - we try to minimize the use of global network bans (klines, glines, zlines, etc.).
  • What's the network/services/wiki feature is what you can use. The network services allow you to use bots, so you can use bots. The same with clones, irssi sessions, etc. Of course remember that your freedom ends where somebody else's freedom starts.

[edit] Low latency

We run servers all around the world (even in Asia, Africa and Australia). By connecting to a correct round-robin or server you will have the lowest pings possible.

  • If you use webchat, you are automatically directed to the closest server.
  • If you are a local community and you want to have even lower pings at your place, we can, if it's possible, run a server there, or if it's not, ask our community to provide one. If you have a possibility to run a server, we're open for linking.

[edit] Accessibility

We're available both via IPv4 (legacy internet protocol) and IPv6. We're available via webchat, mibbit and whatever possible. If the default IRC port (6667) is inaccessible in your location, you can use a different port. If you still can't connect, contact us, and we'll do our best to assist you.

  • We don't condemn the use of the open proxies. If it's a problem of your ISP (Internet Service Provider), the best would be to contact them, but we can make exceptions in our banlists.

[edit] Stability

Our network does occasionally have netsplits - that's inevitable for every IRC network - but we try to keep them at minimum and notify you before, if it's possible. The network isn't relying on any particular server to make it work, that means, if some server fails, you can use another and most of the time you won't even notice the failure. We have a strict policy of delinking or making inaccessible the unstable servers.

[edit] Professionalism

We strive to make a professional grade IRC network. We don't force-join you on our core channels, we don't change your hostnames without your knowledge, etc.

[edit] Openness

We're always open for suggestions, ideas, projects and everything network related.

  • Most of our custom code is available to you in form of Free Software/Open Source. If you want to modify or create something, it'd best to work with the upstream (inspircd, anope, qwebirc), so you can benefit everybody, but you can always contact us if it's not the case (or you prefer to work with us ;p)
  • We're looking for people to translate the wiki to other languages to get more easily to a wider group of people.
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